2 thoughts on “These Guys Simply Won’t Have It!

  1. Headlamp-Loser

    Hey now I hate to be the party pooper but after ripping off my headlamp racking/unracking pickets once on North Sister (all because it was daylight but I had been too lazy to take the headlamp off) I have to say that there is indeed some jive-assery in this photo, although thankfully not due to anchors. OK, there might be a great excuse for the headlamp still being on, but this is a plea from me to the readers of this blog to take that thing off when you don’t need it – it’s easy to be scratching you back or something and oops there goes one clip, there goes another… and then a few minutes later when you are weaseling up a chimney… there it goes for good! On a related side note I have field tested the Petzl e-lite and it is pretty neat. =)

  2. Steve Post author

    Well that’s a fine Public Service Announcement there, Headlamp-Loser. Since we’re being all confessional I’ll admit that I lost a headlamp on Mt. Jefferson in a similar fashion. It got cold so I put the hood of my jacket up over my helmet for warmth. Then it got warm and I put the hood back down. An hour later I noticed my headlamp was gone.


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