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Helmet Chock Anchor

Jive-Ass Helmet Chock Anchor

Jive-Ass Helmet Chock Anchor

This “unnatural pro” is awesome scary, and awesome jive-ass. I don’t even know if its for real. Apparently someone submitted it to the I Love Climbing community Facebook Page, and several climbing buddies ended up forwarded it to me.  I Love Climbing also has a website, if you’re interested.

At any rate, traditional rock climbers all have at least one or two tales of desperation in their repertoire of climbing stories. Shit happens, and we deal with it in the moment, and hopefully we live to climb wiser in the future. But shoving your climbing helmet into an off-width crack as a piece of trad pro? That’s certainly the most desperate of desperate measures, in par with last month’s Leather Belt Anchor. How many kilo-newtons of force can a plastic rock climbing helmet withstand when slung as a chock stone? You know what? We’ll probably never know, because who in the heck would ever think to test such a thing? I’d certainly hate to take a fall on that thing.

Location: Unknown.