My name is Steve, and I am an amateur alpinist, rock climber, and ice climber based in Portland, Oregon. I am also a connoisseur of bad, poorly constructed rock, snow, and ice anchors. That’s not to say that I “like” them. On the contrary, they scare the hell out of me, and they should scare you too! But sadly, I see them all the time. I first got the idea to photograph ‘jive-ass’ anchors on an ice climbing trip to Ouray, Colorado a few years ago. Once I began photographing them, I began to notice them everywhere.

Have you seen any jive-ass anchors lately? If so, take pictures and send them to me. Provide a brief description of what we’re seeing and where it was taken, and let me know if you’d like credit (I’ll use your name) or want to remain anonymous. If they’re decent (i.e., awful), I’ll post them. Send photos to JiveAssAnchors@gmail.com.

No Jive-Ass Anchors!

No Jive-Ass Anchors!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. tyler lawernce

    where can I get a no jive ass sticker?!
    I’m working at PURG (Durango mountain resort) DGO, CO and I came across this website and have been laughing and shaking my head all day, wow. thx

  2. Stephane Dupont

    Great blog. One pet peeve: repeated use of “making due” instead of “making do” when referring to building what anchor you can with the limited gear and gear placement options available


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